Learn to Rock Climb

Climbing is not a great sport to learn by trial and error. So don't!

There are few outdoor adventure sports more challenging than rock climbing—physically and mentally. Outdoor sports come in two main categories—with gravity and against it. And those sports that are against gravity, such as rock climbing, are typically the most challenging. This is definitely not a good sport to fumble your way through; to learn climbing, expert instruction is vital. Our certified instructors will help you start off on the right foot by teaching you the basics of how to be self-sufficient off the ground.

We'll teach you
  • Selecting and fitting equipment
  • Climbing commands
  • Proper belay technique
  • Climbing technique
  • Basic knot tying
  • Leave no trace principles

What’s Provided

We'll provide any technical climbing equipment necessary.

What to Bring

Dress for the weather and wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes. If you have personal climbing equipment, such as harness, shoes and chalk bag, feel free to bring them.

Requirements & Restrictions

This activity may have age, physical ability or weight-related restrictions.

Trip Safety

Your guides and leaders will discuss specific safety requirements on site.

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