How many times have you heard this line in a movie?

"Forget everything you think you know."

It and variations of it have been delivered by the likes of Bruce Lee, Rod Serling and Benjamin Cumberbatch. And now we're saying it to you.

Forget everything you think you know.

We will reopen for our 2017 season in May, and when we do, we'll have a massive surprise in store for you. But that's all we can say for now. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates.


Smokey's opened in 1986 with the moniker of Dana "Smokey" Morton, bus driver extraordinaire, who came to Class-VI River Runners in 1979 when the company purchased a 1954 GMC bus from Oak Hill City Lines. Smokey passed away in 1988, but his legend lives on. Some folks still remember Smokey and his long, handlebar mustache, warm smile, mischievous eyes and shaved head.

Eating at Smokey's is not an everyday dining experience. Our flagship restaurant, Smokey's is a showcase timber-frame pavilion perched right smack dab on the rim of the New River Gorge. The gourmet food combined with friendly service and casual atmosphere has to be experienced to be believed. Optional seating on our outdoor deck offers spectacular views of the New River Gorge and incredible Appalachian sunsets.

If the setting is unique, then the cuisine is even more so. Our breakfast buffet is offers a wide variety of get-you-fueled-for-a-day-of-play options, including classics with a Smokey's flair—you'd be hard pressed to find somebody who doesn't think our bacon is the best on Earth. Enjoy a glass of wine from our diverse wine list, your favorite cocktail or a non-alcoholic beverage from our full bar.

Smokey's is open May through October (although we do host some pretty amazing themed events in the Winter, such as murder-mystery dinners).