5 Reasons to Go Canopy Touring in the Winter

Zip Lines, Sky Bridges and Snow

Get your winter coat out of the closet and let's do this. Here's why.

1. Winter zip lining costs a lot less than summer zip lining. Winter rates are in effect for TreeTops Zip Line Canopy Tour right now, and they'll stay that way until April. Even better, lodging rates are almost half of their summer highs.

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2. It's sooooooo beautiful out there. When the sun breaks through the Hemlock trees and speckles the forest floor with light, it's stunning all year round. It is especially gorgeous when those golden rays land on a blanket of snow. And while, no, there are no leaves on the trees in Winter, that also means you can see farther—better views!

3. It's absolutely thrilling. If you thought flying through the forest canopy in Summer was exhilarating, try it while snowflakes fall all around.

4. No crowds! I mean who goes zip lining in the Winter? Isn't it cold?

5. It's not as cold as you think it is. It would be if you were wearing your Summer clothes, so don't. Dress like you're going skiing (which is far colder, by the way) and let's do this.

TreeTops Zip Line Canopy Tour

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