Embodying Yoga through Nature: A Yoga Retreat for Beginners



Have you always wanted to try yoga? Or are you a beginning yoga student ready to learn alignment that will safely take your practice to a new level. Treat yourself to a retreat style weekend of yoga in the natural beauty of the New River Gorge, at Adventures on the Gorge, Lansing WV offering full retreat style amenities including lodging, dining, and recreation.

Instructor Randy Boyd, certified Yoga Therapist, certified Yoga for Osteoporosis, and WV Ashaya Yoga Teacher Trainer Director is a highly-trained yoga teacher who holds yoga workshops throughout the Northeast. Randy teaches with an open heart, passion, and with scientifically based bio-mechanical alignment that helps students overcome muscular skeletal pain.

In this workshop you will learn the basic foundations for a simple, safe, effective yoga practice. This practice will leave you feeling strong, confident, and peaceful.You will learn a variety of techniques to empower you to keep your body vibrant, healthy and pain free.

The 2.5 hour sessions will consist of breaking down the actions in the poses to keep you safe.Modifications will be given specifically for your body. Randy will also weave the life-affirming theme of aligning with nature into each session.


Friday 3/23 6-8:30 pm: Open To Sky. Sky reminds us that we come from a bigger energy. Vast unbounded potential resides in each of us. Yoga invites us to tap into our human potential. Learn the basic foundations of a safe yoga practice.

Saturday 3/24 10:00- 12:30 pm: The Balance of Sky and Earth: We need the stability of the earth to balance sky, so that we create a little bit of heaven on earth. Learn how creating stability protects your joints, tendons, and ligaments. When we are pain free life becomes enjoyable and we can experience more happiness.

Saturday 3/24 3-5:30: Flowing with Water: Water teaches us how to flow around life’s obstacles. Learn basic yoga therapy for the low back, hips.

Sunday 3/25 10-12:30 Bright Fire, Expansive Air: Fire is transformational. Fire is passion. Air expands. Air reminds us that each day is a new opportunity to move towards our dreams.Light up your practice with a set of transformational poses . Learn healthy neck and shoulder alignment.

Bring your own yoga mat (required). Bring blankets, straps, and blocks (optional).

Contact: Adventures on the Gorge – (800) 252-8874 or email c.wagner@onthegorge.com

Packages Includes:

  • 4 Yoga sessions
  • 2 meditations
  • 2 Continental Breakfasts
  • 2 Lunches
  • Dinner on Saturday
  • Optional 2 nights of lodgingPRICES
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