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WOODSTOCK PARTY: Groundhog Gravy & Len Hanger


That's right. Bring your tie dye and colored lens sunglasses. Kicking off August Woodstock style featuring Groundhog Gravy & guest star, LEN HANGER. Get ready for some foot stompin' and booty shakin' because when these guys play, there's no standing still. Learn More

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MUSIC: Eric Robbins


Eric Robbins, vocals/acoustics for indie-roots band from Beckley, WV will be performing live Friday @ Rendezvous. This dude is incredible! Learn More

MUSIC: Dirk Quinn Band


Live at Chetty's Pub. With great melodic sensibilities, rhythmic experimentation and an accessible modern edge, the Dirk Quinn Band is jazz/funk improvisation at its most exciting! Learn More