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Bridge Walk

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On this unmatched outdoor adrenaline rush, you'll inch step by step across a 24-inch wide steel beam as you cross the New River Gorge 850 feet above the river.

The New River Gorge Bridge is an iconic West Virginia site. Built from 1974 to 1977, the 3,030 foot-long bridge was, for decades, the longest Steel Arch bridge in the world and is still the longest in North America. Located along US Route 19, the New River Gorge Bridge is crossed by more than 16,200 motor vehicles every day.

In the past, only authorized personnel could stroll the New River Gorge Bridge catwalk. Of course, that didn't stop a few odd, brazen outlaws from sneaking out there in the middle of the night. With Bridge Walk, though, you can go legally and with a much higher degree of security in your harness.

Pair this trip with The TimberTrek Aerial Tour, Treetops Canopy Tour or Gravity Zip Line trips for a full day of sky-high adventure.

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Guide Information

Our adventure partner, Bridge Walk, provides a guide for each trip. He or she is steeped in safety standards and history of the Bridge and the New River Gorge.

What’s Provided

Bridge Walk provides harnesses and lanyards for clipping in to the Bridge safety cables.

What to Bring

Dress for the weather with closed-toes shoes — no sandals of flip flops allowed. If you have any medications you need during the three-hour activity, bring them. Leave car keys and other loose items behind.

Where to Meet

Requirements & Restrictions

Participants must be at least 48 inches tall.

Trip Safety

Bridge Walk Tours use an extensive safety system. You'll be harness-secured to steel cables, making it impossible to fall from the catwalk on a guided tour. BridgeWalk is only as difficult as a mild hike. You'll walk almost a mile, though, so keep that in mind.

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Bridge Walk


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