Family Lower New River Rafting

We'll take kids as young as nine years old on this classic Lower New River run, providing the water's at the right level.

If your family has a little rafting experience and is looking for more adventure, The Family Lower New may be the trip you're looking for. With oar-mounted boats and the right water levels, our guides will take you through each twist and turn as you explore the sparkling New River Gorge water and experience real outdoor family bonding.

Note: This trip is dependent on water levels. If the river is too high, we will not run this trip. If this trip isn't running, we suggest the Upper New River Trip.

About the New River

The New River is the classic upon which the West Virginia whitewater rafting industry was built. It's a drop-pool river, which means placid pool punctuated by moments of excitement. The New has several "sections" that we run. Some are excellent beginner and family-friendly trips, while others better for those who want more excitement and a bigger challenge.

About the Lower New River

The Lower New River is West Virginia whitewater rafting at its best. A large volume river, the Lower New's rapids are formed by large shelf drops and boulders. These structures create monster waves, hydraulics and world class whitewater.

New River Rapids Classification

Class I through IV

Lower New River Rapids Classification

Class I through IV

Guide Information

The Family Lower New guides maneuver oar-rigged boats.

Boat Size

We use the largest available rafts on this trip, measuring 15-16 feet long and seating up to 9, including a guide. Each raft is equipped with an oar rig, which the guide rows.

Time on Water

This is a full day trip. Depending on the water level, you'll spend between 4-6 hours on the water plus shuttle time to and from the river.

What’s Provided

We provide transportation from our resort to the river and back again, all rafting equipment (helmet, life jacket, paddle and boat) and the best riverside lunch in the world of rafting. Be assured you will not go hungry!

What to Bring

Bring any medication you need throughout the day, plus sunscreen, sunglasses and a change of clothes to keep at the resort upon your return. Guides carry small waterproof bags to stow necessary medications. Depending on the time of year and the weather, you may also want a synthetic layer. If necessary, wetsuits and splash jackets are available for rent. Call us to book those, too.

Requirements & Restrictions

The Family Lower New minimum age is 9 years old. Our PFDs (personal floatation devices) have a maximum chest capacity of 58 inches.

Trip Safety

This trip is water level dependent. We only run it at typically low summer levels from Memorial Day to Labor Day. If the river is too high to run this trip, you may be switched to the Upper New River instead.

5 Stars

“Best Rafting Trip Ever!”

Cindi A (TripAdvisor)
5 Stars

“Wonderful outdoor fun!”

SusieFerra (TripAdvisor)


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