Kids Camp Half Day

Adventures for Them While You Go Adventure for You

Choose a half day in the morning or the afternoon—7:40am-11:40am OR 12:40pm-4:40pm.

You've got the adventure of your life booked, and you're breathless just waiting for it. Finally, Friday rolls around. You roll out of work, run home, toss your bags in the car, grab the kids and head for Adventures on the Gorge. Wait a sec... what are the kids going to do while you're on Gravity zipping above the forest at 55mph? Who will watch them while you're charging Hawaii 5-Oh Wave on the Upper Gauley? Don't your kids deserve an adventure, too!?

Of course they do, and that's why we have Kids' Camp, a great way to share some adventure with the little loves of your life while you bask in your own glow of adrenalin-fueled, West Virginia vacation glory.

We've got all sorts of way for kids as young as 5 to play wild, including a fantastic playground, arts and crafts, scavenger hunts, hikes and Canyon Falls Swimming Pool. All in all... it's not a bad way to make sure your all-inclusive vacation is all inclusive of your family.

Due to the need to keep a pretty tight reign on the adult-to-child ratio, we are unable to accept walk-ups for Kids' Camp. Please reserve your spot in advance!

Guide Information

Our Kids Camp leaders are vetted and background checked and specialize in working with children of various ages.

What’s Provided

Snack and any equipment necessary to enjoy the day.

What to Bring

Dress for the weather and bring sturdy, closed-toe shoes, a bathing suit, water bottle and a backpack!

Where to Meet

Kid's Camp meets at the Mill Creek Campus.

Requirements & Restrictions

Kids as young as 5 and as old as 12 are welcome.

Trip Safety

Our leaders will talk over any necessary safety concerns with you and your children.

Operation Hours

Half-day Kids Camp times are 7:40am to 11:40am OR 12:40pm to 4:40pm.

5 Stars

“Wonderful and educational!”

John (TripAdvisor)
5 Stars

“Perfect for all ages.”

Aggie (Facebook)


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