Two-Hour Laser Tag

Han shot first, and so will you. Blast your enemies. Fill them full of piping hot* laser beams. Win the battle and win the war. Once the dust clears and you've secured bragging rights, never let them forget who crushed who beneath their sci-fi space boots.

Pew! Pew! Pew-pew-pew!**

*Laser Tag hits are painless and do not actually feel hot.

**Laser Tag guns don't really make the pew-pew noise.

Guide Information

Well have one guide/referee on hand to officiate and instruct for every ten participants.

What’s Provided

We provide all necessary Laser Tag equipment, including gun and headband.

What to Bring

You must wear closed-toe shows. In addition, dress for the weather. Our Laser Tag course is outdoors, so depending on conditions, you might get muddy, too.

Group Reservations

Group reservations are available. Please call us for more information.

Requirements & Restrictions

Laser Tag is an active adventure that will have you running, hiding, stalking, evading and rolling around in the woods.

Trip Safety

We have made every effort to clear the course of things like briars and poison ivy, but sometimes, nature finds a way to creep, crawl and sprout its way back in. Our laser beams appear to have no effect on such malicious flora.


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