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Enjoy the flight of your life with aerobatics—Barrel Rolls, Cravats, Hammerheads, S-turns & more—high above the New River Gorge!

At Wild Blue Adventure Company you can enjoy the flight of your life. Whether you want a straight-and-level sightseeing tour or an aerobatic thrill ride, we can turn your dreams into reality.

Their Stearman Biplane was manufactured by Boeing, Stearman Aircraft Division, in Wichita, Kansas. The Boeing Airplane Company is famous for producing other World War II airplanes including the B-17 bomber. This Stearman was built for the United States Army Air Corp in September of 1940. The Stearman Biplane was designed and utilized at airfields across the country as a primary trainer for young pilots being sent to battle in World War II.

When flying with Wild Blue be sure to request aerobatics in your flight. Barrel Rolls, Cravats, Hammerheads, S-turns & more!

To book a flight, please call (304) 574-1150, or see Wild Blue Adventure Co. online.

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At Wild Blue Adventure Co. in Fayetteville.

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