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See our Online Catalog here. Throughout history there have been incredible journeys and expeditions fueled by an unbridled passion to explore the great beyond. Rugged journeymen found their way to West Virginia, discovered her rivers and the way of life they breed. They lived to ride the rapids, tell tall tales and sing songs by a roaring fire. There was a camaraderie each one felt for the other, and they found such meaning in the lives they enjoyed. Our founders followed this same wild desire and quickly learned that it wasn't enough just to be outdoors every day, they needed to share the experience with others—to help them seek and find a sense of awe in themselves and in the world around them. We want to pass our obsession with adventure on to you, and this vacation planner is the first step in doing so. Browse all of our adventure, dining and lodging options here to help you craft a vacation story you'll tell over and over.