The Gauley Trip

It's almost like 15 years hasn't really happened.

For Jared Campbell and his far-flung dearest old friends, there's a time when everything is perfect. When the years and responsibilities they've accumulated since the ramen and beer years melt away. When, for a single weekend, they shed the skins of the adults they grew into and become again who they were when the world was huge and nothing was ever going to change.

At Adventures On The Gorge, we believe that getting outside with friends is the best way to reconnect. Jared and his buddies have been rafting the Gauley River for their annual reunion for 14 years. Their trip of preference? The Gauley River Overnight, where the Canyon Doors camp and the 5-star food as as much a part of the experience as the world-class whitewater rafting.

This is the Gauley River, where reversing the course of time is easy. This is The Gauley Trip. "When we get back to the river, it's almost like that 15 years since college hasn't really happened."