Summersville Lake

Completed in 1966, Summersville Dam provides a wealth of recreation both above and below. It is the jumping-off point for the world-famous Gauley River.

Typically the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers names dams for the town that was flooded in their creation. Summersville Dam is one of the few exceptions. The town under the waters of the lake was called Gad, WV. It seemed nobody wanted to call it the Gad Dam.

Above the rocky heights of Summersville Dam, West Virginians and tourists alike find various boating and wake-riding opportunities, as well as SCUBA diving. Pontoon boat rentals are available at Summersville Marina and paddle craft at Summersville Lake Retreat.

Locals also know that Summersville Lake is one of the world's most unique swimming holes. Her crystalline waters show off a lake full of underwater treasures, especially along the miles and miles of steep sandstone cliffs that rise directly out of the waves.

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