Non-Hiking Vistas

If you’re not a hiker but appreciate an iconic view, you’re in luck.

The New River Gorge has you covered. We have several easy-access views right here at Adventures on the Gorge (one of the advantages to being the only resort in the world situated on the very rim of this natural wonder), but if you want to get out and explore a bit, there are several other locations that involve less than a football-field-length mosey from your car to scenic awesomeness.

Canyon Rim Visitor Center

Only a mile from Adventures on the Gorge is one of the jewels of our national Park System, the Canyon Rim Visitor Center.

The primary purpose of Canyon Rim Visitor Center is to act as a visitor contact station for area information and for interpretation of the natural, cultural, recreational, and historic values of the New River Gorge. With an estimated 300,000 visitors each year, the center provides the park with a nationally recognized facility, revealing the beauty of New River Gorge National River to the nation and the world. Get directions.

Canyon Rim Visitor Center is also the site of—bar none—the best views of the New River Gorge Bridge. Short walks (though many stairs are involved for the lower view) from your car will put right in the best spots.

Be sure to check out the Center's cultural and natural history displays as well as the book store!

Fayette Station

Underneath the famous New River Gorge Bridge sits a pair of gravel beaches fraught with whitewater rafting history and views.


This riverside swimming, fishing and whitewater-viewing area is now owned by the National Park Service, but at one time is was owned by one of the raft companies—and other companies, including Class VI—paid premium rent to take out there. The rate was so high, in fact, that it led to two of our companies, Mountain River Tours and Class VI to team with two others to purchase and develop the site one mile downstream where we currently still take out from river trips. The "war" that ensued between those companies and the owner of Fayette Station led to a raft-company real-estate boom of sorts, during which companies left and right were buying riverside land so they could control their own put-ins and take-outs, lunch sites, overnight sites and even jump rocks. Get Directions.

Now Fayette Station, site of the last big class-IV rapid on the Lower New River is a favored spot for tourists and locals alike. it affords easy access to fishing, swimming and raft viewing, and has one of the most dramatic views of the New River Gorge Bridge—from directly underneath!

Hawk's Nest State Park

Head here for scenic vistas, hiking, fishing and to ride the historic Hawk's Nest Tram and Jetboat up the New River.


Hawks Nest State Park encompasses 276 acres bordering a rugged section of the New River Gorge National River known for its panoramic views. Head there for scenic vistas, hiking, fishing and to ride the historic Hawk's Nest Tram to the bottom of the New River Gorge and back. The name of this area comes from the numerous osprey (some call them, “fish hawks”) that once nested on the cliffs. Today, many hawks, turkey vultures, black vultures and the occasional peregrine falcon and bald and golden eagle are seen soaring above the canyon. Get Directions.

If you're headed to Hawk's Nest State Park, in spring, summer or fall, then don't miss Lover's Leap, the tram ride and jet boat! Want details on the Hawk's Nest Tram and Jetboat?