The New River Gorge

Fayetteville, WV

Fayetteville is West Virginia's unofficial culinary capital. You'll find a wide-range of local dining options—everything from country diners, corner cafés and coffee houses to elegant gourmet restaurants. There's also an array of shopping and lodging options.

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The New River Gorge National River

There’s more to the New River Gorge National River than natural beauty. Beginning in the late 1800s and continuing through the middle of the 20th century, the New River Gorge produced the energy needed to power America through the Industrial Revolution, two World Wars and beyond.

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Summersville Lake

One of the cleanest lakes on the US is also one of the best kept recreational secrets of the East Coast. Boating, SCUBA, fishing, swimming and rock climbing are just a few of her treasures.

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Gauley River National Recreation Area

If you want to step off the beaten path, the Gauley River is unparalleled. ​Twenty-five miles of free-flowing Gauley River and six miles of the Meadow River pass through scenic gorges and valleys containing a wide variety of natural and cultural features.

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Hiking Trails

If this is your first time hiking in the area or if you have only a short amount of time to spend, and you want to see a list of the real gems, then in our opinion, these three hikes are THAT LIST.

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Non-Hiking Vistas

Okay, so you're not so into hiking… but you are into stunning natural beauty from birds-eye perspectives? No problem! From 100-foot moseys to trams and jet-boat rides, the new River Gorge has you covered.

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Historical Attractions

From Original Americans, to early European settlers to industry, like salt, timber, coal and outdoor recreation, The New River Gorge offers an overwhelming array of cultural experiences. Here are a couple to get you started.

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The NRG SUP Race

Home of the New River Gorge SUP Race on the Web. The NRG SUP Race is an annual grass-roots gathering of SUP athletes, never-before-SUPped beginners, curious spectators and industry sponsors to celebrate all things West Virginia SUP, compete and have a blast.

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