Rafting Packages

All of our packages include lodging and meals.

Lower New River 2-Night Package

The Lower New River is the trip that built the West Virginia whitewater industry, especially in the warm southeastern summer months. Learn More

Upper New River 2-Night Package

Long calm pools punctuated by shoaly ripples characterize the Upper New. And as part of the Upper New River getaway, you can enjoy this classic river journey plus 2 nights lodging, a delicious breakfast buffet and a deli-style lunch on the river. Learn More

Dueling Rivers 2-Night Package

Gauley River! New River! Tastes great! Less filling! It’s an argument as old as the hills—which river is best? Why not decide for yourself in one weekend of white water wildness? Get lodging, two delicious breakfast buffets and 2 deli-style lunches on the river too! Learn More

Rapid Run 2-Night Package

Designed for those who enjoy the intensity of rafting the Lower New River, but in a shorter format. Enjoy the New River during off-peak times, plus get 2 nights lodging and a delicious breakfast buffet. Learn More

Upper & Lower New River 2-Day, 2-Night Package

​Enjoy 2 fun filled days of white water rafting in the New River Gorge. This getaway lets you do it all and allows you to experience what it’s like to raft the entire commercially boat-able New River. Learn More

Upper Gauley 2-Night Package

You've done the New River, challenged the Lower Gauley and now you're ready for the next step up? Try this extreme Upper Gauley River rafting, lodging and meal getaway. Choose between the Gauley Express or the Upper/Middle Gauley—for the same price! Learn More

Lower Gauley 2-Night Package

​Locals know that, if it weren’t for the Upper Gauley, the Lower Gauley would be the premier West Virginia whitewater run. This getaway also includes 2 nights of lodging, a delicious breakfast buffet and a hearty hot lunch on the river. Learn More

Gauley Marathon 2-Night Package

For a test of endurance and skill, both mental and physical, try the Gauley River Marathon. This is the Ironman of whitewater rafting... so you'll probably need lodging and meals to boot. Learn More

Double Upper Gauley 1-Day 2-Night Package

Are you insane? Then have we ever got the whitewater getaway weekend for you. It's the wolrd-famous Upper Gauley. Twice. In one crazy day. With lodging and meals included... thankfully. Learn More

Double Upper Gauley 2-Day 2-Night Package

Does the idea of rafting the world famous Upper Gauley twice in one weekend appeal to you? Are you up for it... but maybe not all in one day? Then this getaway is just right with lodging and meals, as well. Learn More


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