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Lower New River & Rock Climbing/Rappelling Package

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Day One: The Lower New River Gorge whitewater rafting trip is the class-IV classic that virtually built the entire West Virginia rafting industry. This drop-pool river section has eight miles of big waves and steep ledges punctuated by placid pools in which to swim, float and relax. The character of the Lower New changes dramatically with various water levels. At high water (typically spring through June) the waves are gigantic roller-coaster-like stacks of water. At lower levels, the waves get smaller, but steeper, and when it gets low enough, it’s time to go raft surfing. We’ll eat a huge deli-style lunch riverside, too!

The two best vantage points from which to view the 900’-deep New River Gorge are the river and rocks, and on morning two, we’ve got you covered for the latter of those. Rock climbing is challenging and it engages all your senses.

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The New River Gorge is known for its world-class whitewater and rock climbing, and this package dishes out plenty of both.
This package includes:
  • Day 1: Lower New River Whitewater Rafting
  • Morning 2: 1/2-Day Rock Climbing & Rappelling
  • Lunch on the rafting day
  • (Optional) Buffet breakfast both days and prix fixe dinner on the rafting day

Do you need lodging, too? Give us a call and our adventure specialists will help you get it all together.

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Lower New River & Rock Climbing/Rappelling Package


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