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TreeTops & Gravity Ziplines Package

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Start on TreeTops Zipline Canopy Tour, one of the longest and best in East, with 10 zip lines, 5 skybridges, 2 short hikes (to regain elevation) and 1 nervy rappel from a 40-foot-tall tree platform. Between rides, we’ll tell you all about the our 40-acre old-growth Hemlock preserve, one of the few forests of its type remaining in the world.

Next, buckle up and strap in for Gravity Ziplines, which will round out your day with all the blazing, blazing fast speed you can handle. Six zips ranging in length from 400’ to the 3100’ Adrena-Line, with heights up to 200’ off the ground and speeds that routinely reach well into the 60s (miles per hour) will keep your pulse pumping all afternoon long.

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So, heights are your thing? With two of the wildest zip tours in the East, we’ve got you covered.
This package includes:
  • TreeTops Zipline Canopy Tour
  • Gravity Ziplines
  • Lunch
  • (Optional) Buffet breakfast and prix fixe dinner

Do you need lodging, too? Give us a call and one of our adventure specialists will help you get it worked out.

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TreeTops & Gravity Ziplines Package


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