What to Wear

Many of our guests have never participated in an adventure activity before and need suggestions on appropriate apparel. No worries. Reference this page for what to wear in all elements.

If you're not sure what's quite right, here's or recommended list. Or you can just print it off here.


Warm Water

  • swimsuit
  • shorts
  • shoes that tie
  • t-shirt
  • baseball cap
  • sunglasses
  • sunscreen
Cool Water
  • wetsuit
  • splash jacket
  • swimsuit
  • shoes that tie or strap on (no flip flops)
  • polypropylene, capilene, or other performance material long sleeved shirt and/or pants
  • neoprene or fleece socks
  • synthetic tight fitting hat


  • closed-toed shoes
  • t-shirt to avoid sunburn
  • long hair must be tied back
  • light jacket if windy


Rock Climbing, Mountain Biking, Hiking
  • loose clothing
  • closed-toed shoes
  • jacket for cooler weather or rain


  • closed-toed shoes
  • old shirt
  • old pants

ATV & Horseback Riding

  • long pants
  • closed-toed shoes
  • jacket for cooler weather or rain

You may also wish to bring a hat, sunglasses with strap, sunscreen, camera, bug spray, water bottle, medications or inhalers. Please do not bring anything you wouldn’t want to lose such as wallets, purses, jewelry, cell phones, credit cards, etc.