This is what the wilderness looks like. This is what Scouts of all stripes do here. These are the boys and girls who discovered themselves and learned what it means to truly live. This is the New River Gorge, and this is why the Boy Scouts of America picked it as its home for the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

Real life participation is a big reason why young people get so much out of the outdoor adventure experience. But, in the end, it's more than that. It's about learning and growing, sharing and meeting new friends and building young people who are strong enough to face life's challenges. Merit Badges? Yes, you need those, too. We have them.

Learn more about our Whitewater Merit Badge program.

Learn more about our Climbing Merit Badge program.

Learn more about our Kayaking Merit Badge program.

When the adventure is over, the eyelids begin to droop and the belly rumbles, we have lodging of all shapes and sizes from camping to cabins and vittles to make your mouth water.

That's one reason why we're the main adventure vendor to the Bechtel Summit Scout Reserve, and that's why we're your choice to host your Troop—or maybe just you while your Scouts are otherwise occupied.

We love Girl Scouts and Venture Scouts, too! In fact, since no two groups are exactly alike, we give everybody personalized attention. To learn more about prices, facilities, adventure programs and non-profit exemption, Request Information from our group specialists.