We’re Leading the World Outdoors—wanna help?

Right smack dab as we are on the rim of West Virginia’s New River Gorge, you might think that we’re fun hogs bent on showing people a great time in the great outdoors. And you’d be right. Our resort was born from the same desire to find a sense of awe that inspired journeys and great expeditions throughout history. Every single person on our staff has a role to play in helping our guests achieve that.

Wanna help? Please fill out an application and hit Submit at the end. But first, read this…

Equal Employment Opportunity

Adventure WV, LLC (that’s us) is committed to providing equal opportunities in both program participation and employment (that’s you). A positive and deliberate effort is made to involve, recruit, hire and promote participants, volunteers, board members, and staff members on their individual merits without regard to race, color, creed, ancestry, sex, age, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, personal appearance, sexual orientation, family responsibility or physical and mental handicaps. Adventure WV, LLC complies with all state and federal statutes and regulations relating to non-discrimination.

Drug and Alcohol Free Work Place

To help ensure a safe, healthy and productive work environment for our staff and others, to protect our property, and to ensure efficient operations, Adventure WV, LLC has adopted a policy of maintaining a workplace free of drugs and alcohol. New applicants and returning employees with a break in service of ninety days or more may be subject to a pre-employment drug test. Drug and/or alcohol testing may also be performed in instances of reasonable suspicion.

Are you okay with that? Great. Let’s get crackin’.

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