Murder at the Hero & Villain Summit


$49.95 per person. Two nights to choose from! Friday, Jan 19 or Saturday, Jan 20. Call to book it.

With the disastrous news of the infamous Moon King's prison break, superheroes around the globe are joining forces with notorious supervillains to capture the archenemy of planet Earth. The Freedom League will host this momentous meeting between heroes and villains, who will join forces to stop the Moon King before he destroys the planet. But what is more dangerous? Getting this group together or allowing the Moon King to roam free?

The menu:

“Joker Juice” - Green Apple Punch

“Superman” Fruit Display - Watermelon, Pineapple and Blue Berries
“DareDeviled” Eggs
“Catwoman's” Claws
“Thor” Meat and Cheese Hammers

“Nightwing” Chipotle and Soy
“Wolverine” Pork Slider Burgers
“The Penguin” Fried Sardines with Dipping Sauce
“Wonder Woman” Flying W Farms Slider
“Hulks” Fried Brussels Sprouts with Fish Sauce
“Captain America” Tri-colored Tortilla Chip and Cheese Sauce
“Lizard” Fried Alligator Nuggets

“Batman” Dark Night Chocolate Cake
“Black Panther” Blackberry Pie
“Lex Luthor” Kryptonite Jello with Whipped Cream

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