Half-Day Ambush Paintball

Is two hours just not enough time for you to hunt down your enemies and crush them beneath your paint-spattered iron boot? How about a half day? That ought to be enough for even the most cutthroat competitor.

We offer two battlefields spanning a total of four acres. The woodland paintball field is perfect for groups of eight to 20. The smaller spool course doubles as a speedball field and strategic team-building course for your paintball pleasure.

Unlike most paintball areas, this activity offers professional referees who lead instructional sessions and ensure fair play for all participants. We'll teach you how to play WV paintball the Hatfield and McCoys way. Other paintball games include Civil War, The Presidency, Capture the Flag, Surrender or Die and other exciting games.

Bring your family and friends, girl friends, bachelor party or come solo. We'll team you up for some strategic fun!

Guide Information

Our refs are experts! You can bank on fairness and great instruction for anybody who needs it.

What’s Provided

Ambush WV Paintball referees and staff train participants, set up and moderate games. We provide goggles, paintball markers (Tippman Custom 98 guns), 500 paintballs, and a paintball belt (holds 300 paintballs for quick reloading). Additional supplies are available for an additional fee.

What to Bring

Bring sturdy shoes and weather-appropriate clothing.

Requirements & Restrictions

This activity may have age, physical ability or weight-related restrictions.

Trip Safety

If you get hit in an unprotected area by a paintball, it will hurt a bit. That's why we provide goggles—this is supposed to be fun!

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“I'll definitely be back again.”

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5 Stars

“Could not have been BETTER!”

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