Our Staff

Leading the World Outdoors

Pleased to meet you. Now, how about we help you find that sense of awe?

Have you met Bongo? She's one of our most requested zip line guides. How about Chad? He's a raft guide from the pre Adventures on the Gorge days. Now he heads up our maintenance crew and runs a local greenhouse farm. This is Peelish. His dad was a river guide way back when, and now he guides in the trees for us. TJ is a river trip leader and the state's foremost expert on Jamaican coffee. Billy Bob drives our Gravity bus; he's probably the person here you remember most, unless you were on a Gauley Overnight, and then it's probably chef MB and her amazing vittles.

And they're just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Some of them grew up here. Some moved here specifically to be in a place where the fun comes easy and the sunsets just won't quit. They are teachers, business people, musicians, athletes, moms, dads, tradesmen, filthy hippies and there's even a nurse or two.

Everybody here has a story to tell, and we want more than anything to help you write yours.

If this is the best vacation you ever had, one of our reservationists helped you book it. If you ate the tastiest bacon in the world, they cooked it. If your cabin is spotless, they scoured it. If you're laughing hysterically, they probably told the joke. They delivered a bag of ice to your campsite. They taught you how to paddle hard forward. They locked your carabiners and tied your knots.

They're the staff of Adventures on the Gorge. They're here for you. They want to help you find your sense of awe in the outdoors and then relax like your last day on Earth isn't ever. Going. To happen.