About Adventures on the Gorge

America's premier adventure resort—Leading the world outdoors.

Adventures On the Gorge is the only adventure resort situated on the rim of West Virginia's incredible New River Gorge. Nobody else has a swimming pool and dining on the very edge of the NRG. Nobody else has only a 6-minute drive from the New River take-out back to the resort. Nobody else boasts the dramatic setting and stunning scenery that we do. AND we're only 5 minutes from the restaurants and shops of downtown Fayetteville. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

We are the merger of four of the best river outfitters in the world, stretching back to 1972. The total cumulative years providing world-class adventures is extraordinary among this hand-picked group of brands. We have added zip lines, additional adventure activities, lodging from under the stars to five stars and restaurants at our resort from dining table to dinner bell. We put it all together to make the best adventure resort possible in one of the world's most beautiful locations.

Our Story

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Unlike any other place in the world, Adventures on the Gorge combines the desire to explore the unknown with all of the comforts we've grown to love.  Find your adventure today.

Mountain River Tours

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1969… a gangly young man runs the New River in a homemade raft and goes on to co-found Mountain River Tours, the second commercial raft company in West Virginia.

Class-VI River Runners

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1977… a group of guides at MRT organizes for better working conditions, and a year later The Boys spin off to form Class-VI River Runners on the very site where Adventures on the Gorge now sits.

Songer Whitewater

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1978… a doctor and a businessman, Sontheimer & Gerwick, from Pennsylvania start one of the most creative outfitters ever seen. 


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1980… a family of modern day voyageurs and adventures decides they can do it better and founds the Rivermen.


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We are located within a day's drive 60% of America's population. Whether you're coming from around the corner or from Timbuktu, these directions will get you here quickly. 


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Maps of Our Resort

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It's big place, Adventures On the Gorge—don't get lost getting back to your cabin or campsite. And, hey, where's the pool?

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Adventures on the Gorge is an all-inclusive adventure resort nestled right smack dab on the rim of the scenic New River Gorge in West Virginia. Our resort was born from the same desire to explore and discover that has inspired journeys and great expeditions throughout history.